My 2nd baby was born with nary a birthmark, but my elder one was a different story. She had about half her back and bottom covered with greenish pigmentation. Most babies I know have this sort of green patches on their backside, but my daughter had really quite a lot ! We received some some comments from, my cleaning help at that time who is a local Chinese. She said that at birth, my daughter's spirit was not willing for her physical body to be birthed out, hence the some struggle cause the bruising. Hmm, right. What a load of hogwash. My daughter also had a reddish mark on her forehead, just above the centre between her eyebrow. Up till 2 years old, the marks were pretty visible, and some days more than others. We have had concerned friends asking if she had a recent accident and hurt her forehead. Despite all the comments, my husband and I have never been bothered by the comments or birthmarks. However because of the comments received, my daughter did ask me why she has these markings. I have always assured my daughter that she is special, and God made her an unique person and hence the birthmarks. For parents who have babies with birthmarks, do note that kids are often affected by how their parents view things, hence this should be handled with sensitivity. At the end of the day, the birthmarks are not in any way the fault of the child or the mother, rather its just the way nature has created your child. Love them and accept them. Here are some information on Birthmarks. What are Birthmarks ? Birthmarks are discolored areas of skin that babies are either born with or appear shortly after birth. These birthmarks may fade over time, disappear completely or stay around for several years. While most birthmarks are completely harmless, doctors should always take a look at them to ensure that everything that the mark is not dangerous. There are two types of birthmarks: vascular birthmarks and pigmented birthmarks. Vascular birthmarks are red, pink or purple and caused by abnormal blood vessels on the skin. Examples are shown below: Pigmented birthmarks are caused by clusters of pigment cells and are they range from bluish green, to tan or reddish brown in colour. One of the common ones are Mongolian spots (greenish patches often on the buttocks and lower back of the baby) . What causes Birthmarks? Birthmarks in newborn babies are caused by abnormal blood vessels or clusters of pigment cells in or on the skin. There is nothing that mums can do during pregnancy to cause or prevent their babies from being born with birthmarks. Pregnant mums cannot alter their diet or prevent the birthmark from occurring. Should I be concerned about my baby's birthmark? Since most birthmarks are harmless, pregnant mums shouldn’t worry too much about their children being born with either type of birthmark. Many birthmarks fade over time, and the permanent birthmarks-like port wine stains-while aesthetically not appealing are harmless too. Some parents may choose to have their children’s birthmarks treated due to cosmetic reasons. If a birthmark is near the eye or is constructing blood to an important part of the body, these birthmarks should be treated. While birthmarks can be surprising in a newborn, there is no need to worry about the children having pain or medical consequences from it. Since pregnant mums cannot prevent birthmarks from occurring, it’s best to eat healthy, exercise and get plenty of rest during pregnancy. This will increase chances of having a healthy baby after nine months of pregnancy. *Important note: The information in this article is for general information only and should NOT be relied upon as medical advice.