A mother breastfeeds her baby on the MRT without a nursing cover has her photo taken and posted on social media on the Must See Singapura News Facebook, as reported on an article onThe Straits Times,16 March 2017

The person who took the picture was either amused or offended by the sight of a mother breastfeeding her baby without a nursing cover.  

A few questions came to my mind. Was it because a bit of boob was exposed and that makes it newsworthy? Was it because the mother was dressed in a sexy tube top and having her breastfeed was an unusual sight? If if was a dowdy matronly mother breastfeeding from beneath a t-shirt on an mrt , would it have garnered the same attention?

Breasts are made to feed breastmilk to babies. Its as simple as that. It is when the society oversexualises breasts that even the a very natural act of a mother breastfeeding becomes offensive. 

We have to normalise breastfeeding. Whether with or without a nursing cover.